Cleaning Procedures

March 18-Update: 

We want to reassure parents and students that we have worked extremely hard 
cleaning and disinfecting our building for students to come in tomorrow.  Teachers were in working today for several hours and we are working to disinfect again before students stop in on Thursday.  Each room has been disinfected and all surfaces, desks, etc. have been cleaned. Copy machines will be cleaned again after any use. Once a room is used Wednesday they will disinfect accordingly for kids to come in on Thursday. Any items such as blankets, cushions, pillows, etc., that cannot be cleaned with disinfectant wipes or spray will be bagged up in each room.  We will continue to work throughout the day tomorrow to disinfect surface areas as students transition in and out of the buildings.  We are committed to keeping our kids and staff as safe as possible during these times.