Monday, August 31, 2015

OGMS Mission Statement

Oak Grove Middle School believes in creating an
atmosphere where students value intellectual
learning, strive to function
and develop a sense of responsibility.


Panther PRIDE Clubs available on 9/2/15

Mr. Hirbe/GuevelChess Club21-25Room 705
Mrs. Wyatt/Mrs. BegemannCraft Cafe11-15Media Center
Mrs. Wyatt Pinterest 10111-15Media Center
Mrs. GroesbeckSchool newspaper11-15Room 801
Mrs. Vinke/Mrs. DurhamScience Olympiad21-25Room 704
Mrs. GodemannSenet - Egyptian Game16-20Room 608
Mrs. ShieldsScholar Bowl11-15Room 703
Mrs. Dyer/Mr. AndrewPAD21-25Room 601
Mrs. MesserGuitar6-10Room 605
Mr. HuffingtonTeacher Cadet2Office
Mrs. McReynolds/Pleacher/EmbreeAcuity Instructional Resources6-10Room 707
Mrs. McReynolds/Pleacher/EmbreeQuiet Reading Rooms6-10, 11-15Room 706
Mrs. WaltonYou Are What You Eat15 students (max)Room 603
Mrs. WittmanCard Games, Origami15-20 studentsRoom 604
Mr. Klaus/Mr. SollarsComputer Hardware11-15Room 507
Mrs. DohertyBully Busters11-15Room 301