OGR6 Plan of Action: Coronavirus (COVID 19)

March 27 Update: 

Dear OGR6 Patrons:

Thank you for your outpouring of support and understanding during these difficult times. Oak Grove’s best quality is it’s togetherness and community. That is never more evident than now. Our priority has always been, and continues to be, supporting our students, families, staff and community as needed. 

  • I have included some important information regarding instruction and grading as we continue our closure through April 24th. As always, please contact me or your building principal with questions. Email is the best form of communication as buildings are now closed to daily operations.

  • Central Office, at 601 SE 12th Street, will be your point of contact with the district. The  phone number is 816-690-4156. All pick ups/drop offs, will be done at CO. Please call ahead and we will come to your car due to Central Office being closed to the public. Hours of Central Office may also be limited so please call ahead

  • April 10th will be the end of the third quarter.

  • For middle school and high school students, if your student has assignments/projects/tests that have not been turned in, please contact your classroom teachers. All required assignments would have been assigned before March 6th, our last day of attendance. 

  • We are hoping the state gives us guidance on their requirements for 4th quarter and grades. We will pass on that information to you when it is available.

  • We will continue with the weekly activities and enrichment lessons through the extended closure. There will be correspondence from your student’s teacher and the district in the days ahead. 

  • If you are having difficulty contacting your student’s teacher, please reach out through email or notify your building principal.  

  • We do have a limited number of Chromebooks available if your household needs one.

  • District staff are currently working on internet access opportunities for families that don’t have it. More information will be released in the near future. 

As always, thanks for your support and stay safe.

Tom Huffington

3-26-2020 Update:

OG Students, Parents, and Staff,

I wanted to contact everyone and inform you that we recently learned that one of our employees’ spouses has tested positive for COVID-19. This individual works in the medical field, they are currently being treated for the Coronavirus and have been advised to self-quarantine for the next fourteen days. On behalf of the entire Oak Grove School District I want to express our full support, thoughts, and prayers.

While the potential for exposure to the district is extremely limited in this case, we wanted to make you aware of this situation and let you know we are continuing to take every precaution to ensure the safety of all our students, staff, and community.

We are closing all our buildings to the public and to the majority of our staff until further notice. We will continue to provide educational resources to all our students and we will continue to provide food through the process that we currently have in place.

Dr. Bryan Thomsen


3-21-2020 Update: 

Once again the Greater Kansas City Superintendents Association decided as a group to join together to do everything possible to keep all the students of the Kansas City Metro area safe. All schools in the KC Metro area, including Oak Grove will be closed through April 24th . Repeating, all classes and activities at Oak Grove R-6 will be cancelled through April 24th . We will continue to update everyone on how we will be working to best meet the needs of all our students, parents, staff, and community.

Dr. Bryan Thomsen


3-19-2020 Update:

OG Students, Parents, and Staff:

Hopefully we are getting to a place where things can slow down a little from a school perspective. All our staff were in yesterday preparing for students to come in today. We finished up our “pick up” time this evening and everything went really well. We checked out almost 100 chrome books to students that needed them and will continue to monitor this need, while working to provide these to all our students who need them.

* We will continue to provide meals to our students daily through the process outlined on our website under the “food services meal support” tab.

* Updates on resources from our staff will periodically sent to students and parents. We encourage all students to continue to work on their academics.

I want to thank all the students and parents for their patience today, as we are striving to keep all our community as safe as possible, but also getting all the resources we can to our students.

* We will continue to update everyone as information comes out and we make adjustments. These updates may not be daily after today, but we will continue to communicate as needed.

* We are encouraging everyone to keep checking our website for information and contact our staff through email if you have questions or concerns. We will be moving towards staff being on campus less and less as we continue to work to slow the spread of this.

Performing Arts Center (PAC):

The PAC will still be available during severe weather situations. We are working with the City of Oak Grove and Mark Sherwood who is the leader of their Emergency Management team. The process for opening the PAC will remain the same in the case of a weather emergency. We have agreed to do a cleaning/disinfecting of the PAC after each use. Mark and his staff are working to ensure the safety of everyone in the case the facility needs to be utilized for the safety of our community.

April 7th Election:

We received official notification that the April 7th election would be moved to June 2nd. We had two items on the ballot, our school board election and our $22.5 million bond initiative. The school board will remain the same until the election. We are not sure how the move will affect our bond issue, but we will share information as things change over the next couple months. The best case scenario would be we move through this and things can get back to somewhat normal, with minimal impact on the economy.

In closing, I want to once again thank all our staff for their efforts to best meet the needs of all our students. I want to thank all our students and parents for your understanding and support through this unprecedented time. And I would like to thank our community for all their support and coming together to do what is needed for the students of this great community.

Dr. Bryan Thomsen

Building Open for Students 3-19-2020:

  • School buildings will be open on Thursday from 1-3 and 5-7.

  • Chromebook Check out (if you have signed up for one) is at the Middle School east entrance.  1:00-3:00 or 5:00-7:00

  • Only students with an urgent need to retrieve personal belongings from buildings will be allowed to enter.

  • There should be No social gathering of any kind.

  • Students should enter, get their items and immediately leave the building to limit exposure to not only themselves but others. 

3-18-2020 Update:

Please use this form to sign up for meals each day.          Food Service Breakfast/Lunch Sign-Up
Breakfast/Lunch Pick-up Times/Locations 

7:30-11:00 pm, Southside (bus lane) of the OG Middle School Bus Locations:

8:00-8:30am, Lifetime Fitness Parking Lot 

8:00-8:30am, The old Sun Fresh Market Parking Lot 

8:00-8:30am, Corner of Sunshine and 3rd Street

9:00-9:30am, Webb Park Parking Lot

9:00-9:30am, Paradise Outfitters Ministries Parking Lot 

9:00-9:30am, The dead end of SE 4th Street at Jake’s Crossing

Rural Routes please call 816-820-8908 to request meals and I will personally deliver them to your door.

UPDATE 3-18-2020

OG Students, Parents, and Staff,

We had most of our staff on campus today to prepare for tomorrow’s “pick up” day for the students. The buildings will be open tomorrow from 1:00 pm. - 3:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m. Students and parents should receive notifications from their schools with the procedures for checking items out.

Release from OGR6, OPAA, and Apple Bus Company:

Oak Grove school district has decided to feed all the students for free to help alleviate the burden on families during this trying time. We have posted a google document form on the web page http://www.oakgrove.k12.mo.us/ that parents can fill out daily that will send what the students want to eat for breakfast and lunch and the location they would like to pick their meals up at. The new feeding/location schedule is posted on the web page as well. We have moved the start time back a half an hour in the morning to give your kids more time to get to breakfast locations. The middle school drive thru lane is open at 7:30 for parents who would like to pick meals up before they leave to work. Monday we will add three more buses to pass through remote stops to reach more students in the neighborhoods.

Thanks again to everyone for your patience and understanding as we shift to this new approach to meeting the needs of all our children. Please continue to check our district website http://www.oakgrove.k12.mo.us/ for updates and information. Dr. Bryan Thomsen

Additional Resources:

Below are some additional resources: Useful Websites About the Infectious Diseases and the Coronavirus from CDC:

www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/index.html You might want to start here because this provides many more entries on CDC