Plan of Action: Coronavirus (COVID 19)

Update 9-20-21

I wanted to say thank you to all our families, students and staff. This year has started with multiple challenges. We've seen staff shortages that affect our buses, food service, district. We've had construction delays, traffic issues and of course, COVID. Through this our families have stuck with us and supported us through this difficult time. I'm continually reminded of our loyal staff and families as we've all seen stories from other districts without that support. I'm most proud of the Oak Grove School and Community in working together in partnership trying to navigate such a difficult time. A sincere thank you for your understanding, commitment to our kids and support given our staff. We would not function as a district without your help. Thank you. 

Updates - Our shortages of bus drivers, food service product and support staff within the district are still being felt. While other districts are cutting services, OGR6 has not had to do that yet. I would like to thank the hard work of Apple Bus, OPAA Food Service and our entire OGR6 team for their dedication to our students. As these situations change we will communicate with you. Hopefully things improve in the very near future. 

Clarifications on Masks - Additional guidance was issued from the CDC in regards to proper mask usage and types. I've linked 3 resources for your reference. According to the CDC, a proper mask will be of a tight woven material of breathable fabric, two ply or greater and fit snugly against the sides of your face. Neck gaiters are acceptable with 2 or more layers that fit snugly. For parent reference, if you are at arms length (3 feet), and you cannot see facial features, and the mask fits snug to the students face, it would be considered an appropriate mask. Masks that do not fit snuggly, or you can see facial features would not be considered sufficient. We anticipate additional information from Jackson County within the next couple of weeks. Please refer to the attached documents. 

Jackson County Health Order

CDC - Your Guide to Masks

CDC - Types of Masks

Thank you

Tom Huffington

UPDATE 7-28-21

OG Families, 

Return to Instruction Plan

  • These plans can be modified, added or deleted at any time

  • All health agencies agree - being vaccinated is the leading prevention strategy to end the COVID pandemic. 

  • As of July 28th, it is the recommendation of the CDC and Jackson County that all individuals be masked indoors, regardless of vaccination status.

  • Masks are still required on school buses following a federal mandate

  • OGR6 recommends all individuals to be masked indoors until further notice

  • OGR6 will follow the CDC alternate quarantine guidance of 10 days with possible 7 day quarantine after a negative test after 5 days.

  • There are several resources listed on the last page of the plan.

Safe Return to Instruction 7-28-21 

Vaccination Clinics 

The Jackson County Health Department will be at the Middle School on Tuesday, August 3rd for back to school vaccinations including the Pfizer COVID vaccine. The clinic will be from 9-12 in the middle school commons. Due to construction you will need to enter through the north doors to the middle school. I’ve attached both the flier and a jackson county vaccination link if you can’t make it Tuesday. 

OGMS Clinic Sign Up - Please note the required paperwork to be brought to the clinics and masks are required.

Alternate JaCo Back to School Vaccination Clinics - please note the health department will be at Mid Continent Library on Thursday August 5th from 12-6.

Handbooks are on the District Webpage under the “District Information” Tab

OGR6 Homepage

Enrollment/Residency/Back to School Nights Information

Enrollment Information 

Update 6-23-21

Please see the attachment for the Oak Grove School Districts 21-22' plan for a safe return to in-person leaning.


If you would like information as to the number of cases and quarantines in the district please refer to the district dashboard found here. The dashboard is updated weekly.  

Additional Resources:

Below are some additional resources: Useful Websites About the Infectious Diseases and the Coronavirus from CDC: You might want to start here because this provides many more entries on CDC