Kindergarten Enrollment 2021-22

Steps for Kindergarten Enrollment 2021-2022
*Children entering Kindergarten for 2021-2022 must be age 5 on or before July 31, 2021
Our Kindergarten screening appointments are over at this time. If you have any questions about Kindergarten enrollment, please call our Primary at 816-690-8770. Our office will be closed in July and re-open on August 2.

What Do I Complete

Addtitional Instructions

Step 1

During the week of March 1-5:
Set up your
Kindergarten Screening Appointment

Appointments will be held on Mondays on the following dates: March 22, 29th and April 5th. We will spread the appointments out so we can follow social distancing. Please wear a mask.

Step 2

Beginning March 1: Complete your New Family Registration on the Tyler SIS Parent Portal page.  

What happens next?  Once your "Register New Family" is processed, an email will go out to you. You will use your email as your username.

SIS Parent Portal Link

Step 3

plete your Online Registration for your Kindergarten student.  Go to your SIS Parent Portal Link

Click on the PARENT tab to log in.

A parent in the household where the student primarily resides can complete the online registration using the Parent Portal. Once you have logged in to your Parent Portal, you can click on the link that says "Online Registration must be completed" and proceed with your family and student information.

When you login to your parent portal you will need to change the year setting at the top right to 2021-2022:

Step 4

Complete your E-Forms in your Parent Portal to upload required documents.
Required Documents: 
  • A certified state birth certificate

  • Current immunization record

  • Proof of residency (current water, gas, or electric bill)

  • Social security card

You should see the two following prompts (If you have already completed the Online Registration you will only see one) Click on View and you will be able to upload your required documents or complete your Online Registration.